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After beginning my first research project, I began to think about ways that my work could extend beyond physical exhibitions and into a more accessible online space. I came up with the idea for Sycamore, which is essentially an online platform designed to counteract issues that consistently hinder musicians, artists and music producers when attempting to share their work online. 

Musicians and producers of music currently face an abundance of issues when it comes to sharing their music online, and many of these issues stem from the centralised and financially driven nature of contemporary sharing platforms and services. Sycamore is an attempt to negate these issues, by offering a freely accessible, community-driven platform which prioritises the needs and motivations of the musicians who use it. The system is one that focuses on the value of information, communication and reciprocity, and in applying these themes, I intend to create a sharing economy that genuinely benefits creative practitioners, and helps them reach out to new audiences.

Sycamore is currently under development, as my team and I work toward an initial prototype which can begin to be tested with specific groups of users. If you’re interested in learning more about the project, or if you’re interested in signing up to be a test user for the platform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.