PLURAL is a collaborative, interactive, multimedia art installation which debuted as part of the Museums at Night Festival, at the Museum of Wigan Life in May 2018. The piece utilised two projection screens, one showing abstracted video footage taken from the local area, and another showing a live camera feed of the exhibition space. By altering audio patterns from within the room, participants could visually modify and warp the projections in real-time, thanks to the utilisation of two highly sensitive microphones. The captured audio was then modified and fed back into the space as part of the installation. 

The piece was a collaboration between myself, Jack Davenport and Jordan Clark.


HEADROOM was an audiovisual art installation which took place as part of the Museums at Night Festival at the Museum of Wigan Life in 2018. Another collaboration between myself, Jack Davenport and Jordan Clark, the piece was created entirely from audio and video captured from within the exhibition space, which in this case was the upstairs library in the museum. Headroom was an attempt to turn a relatively quiet and ordinary space into an alternative, breathing exhibition, by filling the library with a quadrophonic audio piece and layering several abstract projections, which grew stronger and more defined as the natural light outside began to fade. 


Music For An Ending was an audio installation piece that I created for my final year degree show whilst studying Music Production at UCLan. The piece was made by using a collection of low-cost instruments I'd acquired over the course of a few months, after picking them up from various charity shops and collectible stores. After beginning to compose with the instruments, I slowly began to break them up whilst recording, weaving the sound of their degradation into the music. I wanted to make something that highlighted the usefulness and character of musical instruments that had been discarded, and then make it so that the instruments I had used had one final appearance before being taken beyond repair.